A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops are a fun way for children to learn and have a go in various creative skills. The reason they are so much fun is because my background is entertainment, so I make the learning as enjoyable as possible. 

You will be amazed at how much can be achieved in the 2 hour and 15 minutes - workshops.  The children love using the professional props, puppets and magic tricks and because I am performing all the time in these skills it brings a lot of weight to what I am teaching the children and they can sense that, too!

Key Stage 1

The Creative Puppet Workshop is designed for yr 2 puppet discovery week.  This is an excellent way to begin the week and it certainly ticks off many boxes of the curriculum. This workshop is also suitable for any year in Key Stage 1 as they will work in their level.

The Circus Skills Workshop will also be suitable for any year in Key Stage 1.  It is ideal for when Yr 1 has a look at Circus skills. If your school is in the Birmingham area, it can be done as an afterschool club as well.

Key Stage 2

The Magic Skills Workshop is designed for Key Stage 2. There is a bit of memorisation involved and also a higher dgree of motor skills necessary. All the tricks are achievable within the workshop period.

Key Stage 2 could also host a Circus Skills Workshop and Creative Puppet Workshop as each workshop is flexibile to ability and age.  The show at the beginning is also adjusted for the age of the audience.

The workshops are ideal for creative arts week.