A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

"The Magic is You" Show was performed at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

 "I love to see children genuinely laughing while being inspired to do better."  - JP Comedy Magician-

 " A rare opportunity to see a a quality Edinburgh Fringe Show" - JP Comedy Magician`s Mum-

  • Children will be laughing in seconds. A major feel good show for children.
  • You will be surprised how motivated the children will be after watching the show.  It builds so much self esteem in the children.
  • Highly adaptable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. It depends on who is watching.
  • Staff will love watching the children enjoying themselves. They will thank you later.

A review from a Teacher from Gracemount Primary in Edinburgh:

" The Magic  is You" Show was a delightful show which had the kids enagaged throughout. Each trick saw careful sleight of hand mixed with comedic showmanship. The addition of his pet rabbit had the children looking on in adoration as well as awe. JP also brought on children to help him with magic tricks, making them fully believe they were magic themselves, and that they already had the skills necessary to do the trick. Their peers found this most fascinating. I would certainly recommend this show to those who are looking for a fun and engaging show." - John Carstairs, Gracemount Primary School, Edinburgh   

A Great Opportunity to reinforce to the Children - Writing, Reading  Skills and showing Respect to others

As I share my journey with the children with the fun Comedy magic tricks I can share what has helped me make one of my dreams come true. 

Reading , writing and memorisation are the skills needed to become a good magician along with building confidence, self esteem and respect for others. All the things a magician learns.  Lesson from life as a magician

It will all be shared with great passion and conviction as I have lived, learned and experienced these principles. As an entertainer and actor, I see myself as a continual learner and that is the ultimate goal of education I believe. 

The Show

The Magic is You Show is filled with an array of quality comedy magic routines that firmly puts the magic power in the children`s hands.  Harry the Famous Magic Rabbit joins the show with his own brand of mayhem and comedy.

Throughout the show writing and reading skills are highlighted with various tricks. At the end of the show I give the real secrets of being a magician - writing, reading, motor movement, memory work along with respect and self confidence.  All of which is happening each day with their lessons and encourage the children to do their best in school.

Sometimes a voice from outside the school can be very powerful!

The Length of the Show

  • The length of the show is 45 mins.
  • Get in / set up is 30 mins.
  • Take down is 20 mins.

Special Offer

This will be the first time this show is promoted to schools after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe.  Please write or phone to find out the very special introductory cost for this show in your school.  This offer won`t last forever so book today!

Enjoy an Edinburgh Fringe Show at your school and book today.  Contact joe@creativeshows.co.uk or go to the contact page and send in your form today.