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Creative Puppet Workshops 



Creative shows would be happy to run a puppet workshop in your school.  

Circle of Puppet Pals and JP

The Benefits for the Children

  • Design and make their puppet to keep (based on level ability)
  • Have experience using professional puppets and professional stages
  • Learn the secrets of basic professional puppetry
  • Loads of fun and laughter for the children
  • Learn to co-operate with other pupils in devising original work
  • Gain confidence through presenting their work to an audience

The Benefits for the Teachers:

  • Join in the fun and have loads of follow up material for future classes

  • Unlock the potential of a very powerful teaching tool that will help children with children improve their reading skills and devise their own stories.

What will happen :

  • A twenty minute Comedy Show with Hilarious puppets and the funniest magic trick routines sets the workshop on the right foot ...erm...I mean hand!
  • Everyone chooses a puppet friend from my professional stock and keeps it for the rest of the first hour
  • Learning professional tips on mouth movement, eye contact and stage crafting
  • Learning how to move the puppet to the music
  • Build a character profile on their puppet and learn how to do a character profile diary
  • Learning the puppet story grid

     The Final  hour after a short break

  • Designing and making their own puppet and learning about the eye triangle
  • Creating a character profile diary for their new puppet friend
  • Working in groups to create their own puppet stories and practical use of the puppet story grid
  • Perform (improvise) as many newly devised puppet skits as time will allow

What I will Bring:

  • Brickwall with a bin - a Professional Puppet Stage (The Full version will take up one side of a hall and the scaled down version will fit in a classroom)
  • Height Adjustable Professional Puppet Stage
  • Enough Professional Puppets for the children to borrow
  • All the supplies for the children to make their very own puppet.
  • Pat tested Sound System

Cost :

An entire class can participate in a two hour workshop.  The cost for one workshop booked either in the morning or the afternoon is £180.00 plus travel (30p per mile round trip from B14 6JN) NB. 

All materials including glue is included in the price.

It is possible to do 2 workshops in a day...one in the morning and one in the afternoon the cost will be discounted further plus travel (30p per mile round trip from B14 6JN) for the day.

Contact us today to book an excellent workshop for your class today.