A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

Magic Skills Workshop

Creative Shows will be happy to do a Magic Skills Workshop for your school

The Benefits for Children:

  • Learn 6 Magic tricks and understand how they work and what to practice.
  • Learn how to present the tricks in a fun way
  • Learn the Magicians Code
  • Learn the Menu Philsophy
  • To build in self confidence in presentation skills as the tricks are performed.

The Benefits for Teachers:

  • Join in the fun and learn new skills for future classes or an after school creative arts club.
  • Unlock the potential of your students as the tricks are achieviable.
  • Something different to offer your class during Creative Arts Week and designed for Key Stage 2.

What Will Happen:

  • A Mini Comedy Show with all the tricks that I will teach them.
  • I will go through some of the principles of the magic arts
  • I will go through each trick step by step
  • The children will have a go after each explanation and will try it on each other.
  • I will pick a child to come up and perform the trick we just learnt in front of the class.
  • I will teach them some ideas to make their tricks fun.
  • I will finish the session with some of my most impressive street magic.

This session usually last about an hour and 15 mins.  It can be tailored to an hour if you want to fit it into a lesson time.

What I will Bring:

  • A Magic Kit for each child to borrow participating in the workshop, which includes a pack of playing cards, magic rope, balloon, crayons, paper clips, coloured token chips and elastic bands.
  • A Mini Urban Street Magic Show