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The Fund-Raising Family Comedy Magic Show will be of special interest to schools who are seeking to raise money for their school with the least hassle at the same time provide valuable family entertainment in your school community.

The other possibility is the Fund-Raising Comedy Magic Show, which is a show for the students that can be held during the last period of the day...if they don`t come to the show they do their homework... guaranteed ticket sales, then!

My approach to Fundraising means that the school risks nothing!

How Does it Work?

The school commits to finding an adequate venue and selling tickets to the audience...a school hall or a cafeteria is usually fine.

Remember the school risk no money!

I provide the school with tickets, poster, press releases, sale incentives and anything else to make your Fund-Raising Show a sucess! 

Financial Break Down of the Fund-Raiser

After the first £228.00 (38 tickets @ 6.00 each) we split the proceeds 50-50. When you reach 200 tickets sold your percentage of those tickets over 200 is 65 %.  When you sell 300 tickets of those tickets is 75% from those 300 tickets.

That`s right - the more tickets you sell, the higher the percentage of the profits you keep! The potential is great while the risk to you is non-existent!

Here is an example to further explain the split at £6.00 each.

All tickets sold from 1 - 200 are split at 50% less the initial £228.00. So, if you sell 200 the gross revenue for tickets sold is £1200.00, less the initial £228.00 making the remainder 50% of 972.00 or your profit will be £486.00.

Sales from 201 - 300 tickets will give you bonus income in that we don`t take the initial £228.00 off the top, and your split of the tickets on all tickets above 200 is 65%!

As an example, let`s say you sold 400 tickets:

200 tickets sold = £1200, 50% of which is £600.00 and

100 tickets sold (no.s 201-300) = £600.00, 65% of which is £390.00

By selling 300 tickets to an exciting show, your group can net almost £1000.00!!!! AND you`ll have a great time doing it!!!

Sell more than 300 tickets and your percentage goes up to 75% on those tickets from 300 and up! So let`s say you sell 100 more tickets above the 300 listed- that`s an additional £600.00 income of which your group gets 75% or £450.00! 


 Range of tickets sold  Percentage to school  Profit if all tickets in range sell.

 1 - 200


 50% less the £228.00







 50% on first 200

 65% on next 100


 £600.00 on first 200, £390.00 on next 100 totalling £990.00





 see above then 75% on all tickets sold over 301


 100 tickets sold at 75% is £450.00 plus the £990.00 listed above to total £1440.00 profit!



If the tickets are £5.00 and you sold 400 tickets the profit to your school would be £1200.00 

If the tickets are £4.00 and you sold 400 tickets the profit to your school would be £960.00 

Profit Potential

As you can see the profit potential for this programme is excellent. If your school is effective in letting people know about your show and helps spread the word about the show, the tickets will practically sell themselves.  If you are dilligent in your efforts to involve the whole community you will provide not only an excellent program to your community, but also benefit greatly in your school.