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Dear Santa, Please Define Nice..

dear santa define good

The classic "Elf on the Shelf" story brought to life. Throw in some comical misunderstandings add an adversary to Christmas with a Christmas hero and you have the perfect Christmas Story for KS.

  •  It relates to their age level using what they love - comical puppets, amazing Christmas magic tricks and engaging storytelling.
  • The comedy hits home for their age - tried and tested material
  • A good pace with a simple story line that they can easily follow.
  • Interactive in a fun respectful way. 

The Story

Brother Christmas, the brother of Santa has been tasked to find out who keeps on doing these practical jokes at the Northpole at this busy time of year. Could it be Mingle Mangle, who always looks suspicious? Oh no!!! The Naughty and Nice book has gone missing! Can he save the day?Another mystery to solve for Brother Christmas.

This show has hilarious puppets, a stunning set and comedy magic that children love!


  • Length of the show is 50 mins

  • Set up is one hour once everything is in the performance area

  • 30 min take down/get out

  • Pat-tested equipment