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Circus Skills Workshops

Creative shows would be happy to run a circus skills workshop in your school.

The Benefits for the Children:

  • To learn the 4 steps of 3 Ball Cascade Juggling and achieve minium step 1
  • To learn the 3 steps of Silk Juggling and achieve minium step 1
  • To learn the 3 steps of Plate Spinning and achieve a plate while balancing on a stick
  • To learn the 3 steps of Stilt Walking and achieve step 1
  • To learn various tricks on the Hula Hoop and achieve 1 trick
  • To learn one handed Poi trick and two handed Poi trick and achieve a on handed trick
  • To learn one magic trick and achieve minuim presentation
  • To think creatively how to apply music to their rope skipping
  • Loads of fun and laugh
  • Learn the philosphy of Cirque and to co-operate with other pupils in devising a Cirque Renegade Show 
  • Gain confidence through presenting their skills to an audience

The Benefits for the Teachers:

  •  Join in the fun and learn a new skill for future classes or start an after school circus club

  • Unlock the potential of your children as the skills are achievable

What will happen :

  • A fifteen minute Comedy show with Circus Skills and the funniest magic trick routines sets the workshop on the right foot!
  • Everyone chooses at least 3 different skills to try and have a go from my circus prop stock and will be given instruction.
  • Learn the Cirque philosphy of encouraging each other in the skills learning
  • Different children choose a song from the music library

     The Final  hour after a short break

  • Choose skill for Cirque Renegade Show practice in that skill again.
  • Assign performance groups and choose music for each group.
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • Cirque Renegade Show (children show what they have learned)

What I will bring:

  • Juggling Balls, 1 pr of Stilts, Poi, Hula Hoops, Skipping Ropes and what they will need to do the magic trick.
  • Loads of children music
  • A Stage set to set the theme of the Cirque Renegade Show
  • Simple Dress up hats and bits for the Cirque Renegade show 
  • A set of 3 juggling balls for each child as a gift.

Cost :

An entire class can participate in a two hour workshop.  The cost for one workshop booked either in the morning or the afternoon is £175.00 plus travel (30p per mile from B63 3AJ-round trip)

It is possible to do 2 workshops in a day...one in the morning and one in the afternoon the cost will be £299.00 plus travel (30 p per mile round trip from B63 3AJ) for the day.