A wise teacher makes learning enjoyable

The perfect comedy show to get you in the mood for Pirate`s topic or Seaside day!

The Show

Captain Raven`s Treasure Island Beach Party Show

(Pirates like long titles)

This comedy pirate show comes complete with it`s own treasure Island stage set that glows under UV light (so a darkened hall is a plus) and transforms any hall into a Pirate`s lair on the beach.  The children quickly imagine they are on a treasure Island as they interact with Captain Raven`s antics .

Captain Raven wears an authentic pirate outfit to the point where the children actually thinks he is real!  They are pleasantly surprised when met with the comedy magic tricks and lovable undersea puppets including Captain Raven`s companion "Cormag the Raven".  They soon realise this pirate would rather shake the booty then steal it, as Captain Raven is a Party Pirate,  Wait...oh no... Wavey Jones wants to stop the beach party in it`s tracks.  The quest must begins to capture the heart of Wavy Jones . First they must find the deadman`s chest to unlock the power to stop Wavy Jones in his tracks


The Swashbuckling Comedy Magic of Captain Raven:


  • the Rings from the Ship with the Purple Sails,
  • the Invisible Gold coins from around the Pirate world,
  • the Floating Skull head,
  • the trick with the Dangerous Snake and
  • the Card through the Skull Sword.



Other Highlights of the Show:


  • Cormag the Raven`s Rave Moves
  • Lovable Undersea puppets who can definitely carry a tune!
  • The Great Pirate Table Cloth Stunt
  • Jack the Monkey - cheeky puppet who finds things.
  • A Taste of a real Beach Party!! You can have an extended Beach Party after the show.


The children and teachers can come dressed as their favourite Pirate and it has be known to see the odd princess as well.

The recommended age for this show is 4+ and ideal for YR2, but can be adapted for whole school as well.

The length of the show

Captain`s Raven`s Treasure Island Beach Party lasts 50 mins.  There can be flexibility in timings, either making the show a bit longer or cutting it back


Set up is 1 hour and Take down is 25 minutes (Parking near the hall is a plus or time may need to be added if needed to carry show at a long distance)

The Stage set is a UV Treasure Island and will require an area 3.5 m length by 3.5m depth

A darkened Hall, if possible to get the best from the UV Stage, otherwise to do the show without the UV effect , which is just as enjoyable.

2 Socket points for Pat tested sound system and UV light.

Option 1  add on- Beach Party (Fun)


  • Dance Booty Musical Game with a telescope
  • Who can speak like a priate competition ( very funny)
  • Another cool Pirate game called "Sea Legs"
  • Beach Party Dance Battle (Highlight)



New -Option 2 add on - Pirate Workshop ( A bit more educational)


  • Brief Pirate history.
  • Pirate Lingo
  • A Historical Pirate you are learning about (optional)
  • Pirate journeys - making a Pirate Travel Band, learning about a compass
  • Children make up their own Pirate Name



New Option 3 add on - Pirate Activities (fun & education mixed)


  • Learning the ins and outs of Pirate Treasure
  • A Pirate Treasure Hunt Story
  • Treasure Hunt


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